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Upper Deck Marvel Cards I have Worked on:

Marvel Annual Series

2017 Annual

2018-19 Annual

2019 Flair

Cards Currently found on eBay

Iron Man - 2018-19 Marvel Annual. This is from an Iron Man issue when his scooter turned into his armor (just in case you were wondering why it looks different than his normal armor)

Artist Proofs

I do have Artist Proof cards that are for sale (currently several are pending approval). I do not do commissions as the cards must be approved by Marvel and Upper Deck before I can sell them or even show them.

Artist Proof cards available

Marvel Annual 2017


SOLD! Captain Marvel - Completed with Copic Markers. 

Marvel Annual 2017

Spider-Man - 2017 Annual

Upper Deck 2017 Marvel Annual Artist Proof: Spider-Man (officially licensed product)  $40

Marvel Annual 2018-19

2018-18 Annual Iron Heart

SOLD!  Iron Heart/Riri Williams - Completed with Copic Markers.

Marvel Annual 2018-19

Marvel Annual 2018-19 Iron Man

Future Card


 Coming Soon 

Future Card


 Coming Soon