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Are you a comic retailer? Do you want to offer copies of Sukotto in your shop? Then you are on the right page. You can order copies of Sukotto: Ascension and subsequent issues (currently only issue 5) at a discount, but there is a minimum order required.

Sukotto: Ascension is the trade paperback of the first four issues. If copies of the early issues are reprinted I will make them available, but at this time only the trade paperback is available for the early issues. I am unable to send out review copies due to my operating costs. If you would like a copy you will need to order a single copy from the Sukotto Store. If you do order then you will be given an added discount on your retailer order.

Retailer orders are in increments of five. You can order a different amount but five is the minimum order. Please contact me to order an amount that is not listed.

Sukotto: Ascension and Issue #5 - $11 per set + $25 S&H

 Sukotto: Ascension (only, no other issues) - $9 per copy + $20 S&H

Sukotto Issue #5 (only) - $2.50 per copy + $8 S&H

Retailer Order - Ascension only
Retailer Order - Ascension & Issue 5
Retailer Order - Issue 5 only