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 Sukotto Studios

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I am a self-taught artist who enjoys working in a variety of mediums. I work primarily with comic book style art and am the creator of the comic book titled Sukotto. I am also a writer and artist for the series Pax Serpentis from Prometheus Publishing. Check them out at on Facebook.

I am available for painting and comic book style commission work. If you like my style and have a request or see a painting that is still currently available that you would like to purchase please contact me via the listed methods on the contact page if you have a request.

Free Comic Book Day 2014 at Avalon Comics and Games in Silverdale, WA. The gentleman on my left is the amazing Jeffrey Veregge, eminent Native American artist and professional comic book cover artist. Check out his website and look at his extremely cool art: JeffreyVeregge.com

The Sukotto Studios Table at the Pacific Northwest Comic, Toy, and Gaming Show - June 2014


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