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 Sukotto Studios

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Sukotto is the story of a lone surviving ninja, whose clan was mercilessly wiped out by a corrupt and evil samurai lord. Events begin to unfold that place Sukotto on a path that will take him on an incredible journey unimagined. Sukotto must surmount ever increasing challenges, all the while striving to avenge his lost clan.

Sukotto is created using both traditional and digital methods.

Sukotto is printed using Lithoninja.com. They have a fast turn around time, produce a quality product and have excellent customer service. I recommend them  for your comic book or other printing needs.

Sukotto Comic Book

“From the shadows I watch, waiting for my moment to strike. You are my prey. I will destroy you.” - Sukotto

Sukotto Issue 6 Now Available!

Sukotto Issue 5 is available, and in full color!

Sukotto: Ascension is now available!

Sukotto copyright 2013-2018 Scott Adams. All Rights Reserved

Sukotto Issue 1

Sukotto Issue 2

Sukotto Issue 3

Sukotto Issue 4