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Pax Serpentis Comic Book

Pax Serpentis published by Prometheus Publishing is a mini anthology of four separate yet connected stories written by Scott Adams and Anthony Goodall. Follow the tales centered on a mysterious artifact that appears throughout different periods of time and almost always when there is conflict. Will the true nature of the artifact be revealed? Art work by Scott Adams, Sean Judy, and Marcos Medina. Order your copies via the button located below today!

Pax Serpentis copyright 2016-2018 Scott Adams and Anthony Goodall. All Rights Reserved

Pax Serpentis Issue 1 - 3- Regular Cover: $4 each + $2 S&H; or get all 3 issues for $10 + $6 S&H

Pax Serpentis Comics

Coming Soon!

Pax Serpentis Issue #4